Some parents joke about creating their own soccer team of children…in our family we just want our own crew of sailors! We are well on our way, with the final addition having arrived in July of this past year.


Jonathan grew up boating, although mostly on power boats until he was in high school and began participating in the local Wednesday night races in Marblehead, MA. He got his first boat at 8 years old, when his Aunt Mary passed away and left her last $3,000 to him with a note saying: “Someone buy this boy a boat!” He has owned boats ever since and is a very experienced boater. Sailing has been a new adventure for him, but since setting foot back on a sailboat in 2012, he has logged many thousands of miles and has done a lot of single-handed sailing while Lily was occupied keeping children above water and alive.


Lily did not grow up sailing or boating, but always wished she did. She did grow up traveling extensively and the bug stuck. As an adult, the sailing life began to appeal more and more, as the conventional life seemed less and less like something she wanted. While on a house-hunting trip in Nantucket in 2010, she broached the topic with Jonathan, pointing out that a life on the water was far preferable to a life just overlooking the water. Luckily he could not have agreed more! Sailing to new places, meeting new people, and constantly learning new skills became the focus as they began planning for life at sea.


Our oldest, Nina, is 14 and is an outgoing, athletic straight-A student with a big appetite for adventure. She is a proficient snowboarder, skateboarder, Opti-sailor, surfer and more. She took it upon herself to get CPR certified this year so that she can officially babysit her little brothers.


The first to make new friends and start a pick-up game of soccer when we reach a new port, Leo, 11, is also an avid small-boat sailor, snowboarder and skateboarder. He calls his little brothers his “army” and has endless patience and enthusiasm for teaching them new skills and games.


Our 5-year-old is the social butterfly of the family. River loves to meet new friends and has been known on occasion to invite perfect strangers back to our boat (“Hey, you guys wanna come have some drinks!?”) He loves learning new sports from his older brother and sister.


Van “anything you can do I can do better”  is 3, and he is everything the youngest child is expected to be: sweet as pie and crazy as all heck. The first of our kids to get stitches, and the first to build a ramp for his bike, don’t let his sweet smile fool you–this kid knows how to get what he wants. The only problem for Van is that he is now a middle child.

Meet Rocky!!! Born 7/26/17, he is the sweetest baby in the world. He’s so easy, I just cart him around everywhere on my hip and from there he smiles out at the world. He is only 5 months old but he is ready for this adventure called “Life”!