Hi! So happy you made your way here! I started this blog hoping to connect with other mothers and families out there–those living like I am, those interested in our lifestyle, and, yes, also those living in more conventional manners. I am a mother to three little boys, ages 7 months, 3, and 5. I am a step-mom to another boy and a girl ๐Ÿ™‚ ages 11 and almost 14. Together with my husband Jonathan, we travel throughout the year between our homes in New England and the Caribbean aboard our sailboat, Robin Hood. I am forever trying to find a balance between creating a stable and comforting home for my children and living the adventurous life that we have consciously built. It is a constant (albeit very fun) struggle. As much as I love connecting with others living life like we do, I also love to meet and follow those families who are creating a beautiful and slow-paced home life. It is inspiring for me to think of ways to adapt your great ideas to our lifestyle. For now my focus is on trying to create the small routines that my children can rely on, whether we are sailing offshore, enjoying city life (food and wine delivery every day!!) in our Boston condo, or relaxing in the woods in Vermont or Maine.

I am passionate about creating a slow-paced adventure for my children. I keep them outdoors as much as possible, and let them lead me through free-structured play. In other words, I let them get really dirty. Nothing is more important to me than my family’s health–mental and physical. We try to live simply, fight a constant battle to reduce our waste, eat a plant-based diet, rely on natural, plant-based ingredients to clean our bodies and home, and get lots of good old-fashioned fresh air. Of course, in the hectic nature of traveling we also have our days where we eat nothing but processed food, pack everything into ziplocks and rely solely on plastic evian bottles for hydration. Shit happens. We are a work in progress and I’m a big believer in baby steps. I love this beautiful online community that I have found here, as I’m motivated and inspired every day to make small shifts that eventually add up to substantial positive changes for our family.


We are “learning as we go” when it comes to this nomadic life. So far we are planning to “homeschool” the three younger children as we sail and travel farther and farther afield. I put quotations around that word because at this point I know almost nothing about it! I am forever debating (internally) what is best for them. In the short term, we have selected a wonderful school in Vermont that will let them leave for extended stretches for our sailing adventures. My goal with this page and this blog is not only to share our adventures with other families, but to open a dialogue and learn from others who are living as we do–both as we do now and as we hope to in the coming years. I am open to all advice, suggestions, and conversation, and would love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. Hey guys!

    Friend of Holly’s. In town shooting some video tomorrow – she mentioned you are sailing off in the morning. She said it would be ok to contact you and find out if we can shoot a few video shots of you heading out on the boat.

    Would be SUPER grateful if we could make it happen (and would make it effortless for you).

    My name is Casey Mcguire. Chance we can touch base tonight? My number is (908) 418-7684.

  2. Good morning. I am happy to have found your blog via Women who live on rocks and the island comparison essay you wrote. Coincidently, I lived a similar lifestyle as a kid in the late 1950s and into the 60s. (I even worked for Ted!) It was terrific in every way for me. I look forward to following your story. Thanks.
    Cape Cod

      1. Just read the home school essay. Reminded me of growing up aboard. I skipped 6th and 7th grades because we were aboard. We read a lot and I helped with navigation. None of us kids (4 of us, I am oldest) missed a single “education” thing by sailing.

        I will put up a couple pics of our boat, Thetis, on our Averisera blog. your boat is much more comfy!

        Keep well, Norm

      2. Oh I definitely think the kids will get a fantastic education sailing the world!! Itโ€™s more a question of my own sanity until we actually set sail year-round haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™ll check out your blog

  3. reading about Antigua. I was there on charter in March. Did you see Caradow, the J40 and the Herreshoff ketch, too. Kids in little boats everywhere. I was so jealous to be missing the fun as captain of a 44 ft cat on charter. (Mar2018 in the blog)

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